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Endoca RAW Hemp Oil Capsules 1500mg


Our Raw Hemp Oil Capsules are vegan which means they are made from pure plant ingredients, no animal by-products, and are also completely kosher. Furthermore they are free from preservatives, artificial colors, starch, sugar, corn, wheat or dairy.

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Look inside each capsule and you will find raw, unfiltered hemp oil containing both CBDa+CBD. As the plant waxes haven’t been removed, the oil’s texture is thick compared to some of our other hemp products. Not only that but we refrain from using any heat, just CO2 from air you breath to produce a pure, whole plant extract full of raw hempy goodness.

Because raw, unfiltered hemp oil is used in the capsules, it is similar to eating the hemp plant in its natural state which would make it a nutritious addition to any raw food diet.



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